If I were dating you, we'd probably have lots of cute nights cuddling and watching LotR and being huge nerds. Of course, there'd be plenty of spanking and other naughty stuff in between, or even during maybe ;p



OOOHHHHH if you and i were dating, we would have to come up with a LOTR Game of Naughty. 
Everytime Sam and Frodo look at each other TOO fondly.. we kiss..
I mean.. Hi, UST, right?

Everytime they discuss the “Mines of Moria” you finger me.

Everytime someone mentions “Staff or Pointy Hat” blow you.

When they say “Baggins” its T-bagging time. ;)

When someone speaks elvish, you speak elvish on my clit. hahaha

When they first mention “THE ONE RING” you put my butt plug in.. (yes, i realize its mentioned in the opening minute.)  Every mention of it after, you twist it or push it deeper.. up to you ;)

Each time Legolas has a loreal moment, you pull my hair and dry grind me from behind **UNF**

Everytime someone says “precious” my ass gets spanked XD

omg… the list can go ON and ON and ON….. 


who wants to fucking play 

Hey i really need your advice if you don't mind... Im having this problem, it's hard for me to get really wet during sex and that makes the penetration quite difficult and so awkward, is it a thing that happens the first few times or is it me? Any recomendations?! (Sorry for the english)


I would suggest loads of foreplay before hand. You have to remember that although you can be turned on and ready for action, your body may still need time to get warmed up. if foreplay still doesn’t get you wet, then lube may be your best friend. I hope that helps a bit c: